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Large Elegant Style Flight
Parakeet Cage

Parakeet Cage

Click image to enlarge

Model Cage AE MA3221FL

Parakeet Cage Dimension:

- Weight: 51 lbs
- Wire Spacing: 1/2''
- Inside Height: 31''
- Dimensions: 61 '' height x 32'' length x 21'' width

Parakeet Cage Includes:

- horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back
- feeder door locks
- bottom shelf for storage
- 2 perches
- 4 stainless steel feeder cups
- slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning
- 4 swing out feeder doors
- bird proof front door
- large front doors for easy access
- front door safety latch
- Non-toxic, safe, durable and beautiful powder coated finish

Parakeet Cage is good for small sized birds: parakeets, budgies, parotlets, finches, cockatiles, lovebirds, canaries, small conures

AE Parakeet Bird Cage 9001818
Price : $ 179
AE Flight Cage
Price: $ 149
Elegant Flight Bird
Cage MA2818FL
Price: $ 159
AE Victorian Birdcage
Price: $ 169
Price: $ 169


    $ 179          


Your shipping rate is calculated based on the actual UPS rate to your zip code and is ranges depending on the size and dimensions of the boxes. Please contact us if you wold like to approve the actual shipping rate before it ships.

Optional Dragon Wood Perch for AE Parakeet Cage

Dragon Wood Perches 32" x 1"

Dragon Wood Perches 32" x 1.5"

Dragon Wood Perches 32" x 2"

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